Frustrating Joint Pain? Muscle Tear? Sprain or Strain?

Achy Joints

Many people suffer from the discomforts of pain or inflammation arising from any part of a joint, including cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons or muscles. Most commonly, many are actually developing or have arthritis or arthralgia, which is inflammation or pain from the joint itself. Dealing with these aches and pains can be painful, frustrating and even debilitating. Treatments are often home remedies, avoiding cold or damp conditions, avoiding certain situations or activities and prescribed medications, which many of prefer to not be on for extended periods of time as they can result in additional health risks and create health issues.

Tendon Injury

This injury is one of the most common injuries in sports activities. Tendon is composed of cells (tendon fibroblasts) and extracellular matrix, which contains type I collagen mostly, type III collagen, and glycoproteins. Most tendon injuries result from the tear of tendon fibers due to overuse or aging. The injury can happen gradually or suddenly.

The healing ability of the ruptured tendon can be poor. Surgical repair of the completely torn tendon is often important. The process of tendon healing is classified into three overlapping stages: inflammation, regeneration, and remodeling.

Joint pain can be discomfort, pain or inflammation arising from any part of a joint — including cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons or muscles. Most commonly, however, joint pain refers to arthritis or arthralgia, which is inflammation or pain from within the joint itself.


A sprain is a stretch or tear in a ligament. Ligaments are bands of fibrous tissue that connect bones to bones at your joints.
A strain is also a stretch or tear, but it happens in a muscle or a tendon. Tendons link muscles to bones.

The most commonly used peptides for treating joint pain, inflammation, strains, sprains and tendon injuries are BPC-157, and AOD-9604.

Celebrity Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Peptides and Dr. William Seeds

“I would most like to thank orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Seeds. He’s the one who introduced me to peptides and other natural therapies and it’s thanks to him I was back on my feet three days after the injury!”

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

After his calf injury, Chmerkovskiy took extra measures, including supplementing with peptides to hasten recovery.

“I work with amazing people who introduced me to peptides. I was able to compete on Dancing with the Stars for as long as I did because of peptides. About eight years ago, I completely changed my diet. I always knew not to drink soda, but I didn’t know about GMO foods, I didn’t know about peptides, so working with an amazing team of athletes I took my diet and lifestyle to a new level. I was blown away— so you’re telling me that more than half of the average grocery store is stocked with GMO foods? And even more than that is “food” that’s so processed your body wouldn’t even recognize it as food? Why it resonated with me, I don’t know, maybe it just takes being more open-minded. It’s exciting to learn these things and then seeing them for yourself. Shopping for that remaining 20 percent of food is eye-opening, and now I even avoid the bread aisle. Most breads are proinflammatory and rank high on the glycemic index because of the incredibly high sugar. You’re not eating a harmless bagel, what you’re eating are processed carbs, which enter the bloodstream rapidly causing a sugar spike, so in response your body has to work hard to produce the hormone insulin to basically drive out that glucose from the bloodstream. Then you eat that bagel again, and once more it spikes your blood glucose levels, and the prolonged cycle can cause a whole spectrum of illnesses. At this point your body is just trying to keep you normal, forget trying to achieve fitness or get to a certain athletic level— that’s no longer even an option. But to answer your question, after working on my nutrition I wanted to level up my health and learned about peptides, which help boost athletic performance (in a natural, organic way), protect connective tissue, and of course build-up muscle.

Peptides are nothing like steroids. Peptides are not just about your muscles getting bigger, they’re about improving the quality of your life. Peptides facilitate recovery, reduce inflammation, and a whole host of other benefits. Yes, peptides can help bulk you up, but it wasn’t that for me at all and don’t think for a second it was. The goal isn’t to dance the fastest or jump the highest, no. The goal is to rehab and get a second lease on what I love to do without detriment to my body. The only reason I’m doing any of this stuff is because I want to live longer, I want to live healthier, I want to sustain this level of activity, but I want to also sustain my happiness. Mid-40’s you start visiting the doctor much more often, I don’t want to be that guy.

Peptides serve many functions, including supporting joints and muscles.

What more can I ask for as a professional dancer? Taking peptides and eating healthy sets your body up for rehabbing itself. Massages help, hydrotherapy helps, but if you’re not rehabbing on the inside, external measures can only help so much. Just as a side, I even get sick less now. And when I do get sick, I’m not lying in bed with fever and chills. Maybe I get some sniffles and my throat gets itchy, but I feel uncomfortable for only like half a day. Peptide optimization boosts your immune system. That and a good night’s rest, and I’m fine. It’s not rocket science, it’s just the right lifestyle.”


Pentadecapeptide BPC-157 is a 15 amino acid sequence of the Body Protection Compound originally discovered and isolated from human gastric juice. This highly stable peptide can be administered as a subcutaneous injection or taken orally. Its main focus is all on repair. Repairing the bodies tendons, ligaments, bones, intestines, brain, cornea and skin. The strength of this peptide is its ability to work through signaling pathways rather than having a direct effect. BPC-157 increases gene transcription to influence healing factors and has also been recognized in having significant anti-inflammatory modulating effects, both neuroprotective and cardioprotective.

Research has shown BPC-157 to have considerable biological healing properties. Experimentally it has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of many different wounds, including tendons, muscles, nervous system and superior healing of damaged ligaments.

This peptide can be very useful to athletes or just the average person who has daily aches, pains or injury. Overuse of our body can cause muscle, tendon and ligament issues that affect our everyday life. The addition of BPC-157 can help heal those everyday aches and pains.

Those who suffer from discomfort due to muscle sprains, tears and damage may benefit from treatment with this peptide. It can also help aid skin burns to heal at a faster rate and increase blood flow to damaged tissues.

Potential Benefits of BPC-157

  • Accelerated wound healing (muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve)
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Has been shown to decrease pain in damaged areas.
  • BPC-157 increases growth hormone receptors.
  • Promotes the outgrowth of tendon fibroblasts, cell survival under stress, and the migration of tendon fibroblasts.
  • Improves digestive function.
  • Protects and heals inflamed intestinal epithelium (leaky gut)
  • It has also been shown to help in Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Protects liver from toxic insults (alcohol, antibiotics, etc.) and promotes healing.

“We have VERY few Physicians who Can Competently Prescribe Peptides”

“When you do a head count of all the physicians who are certified and well-trained to safely administer therapeutic peptides, you’re talking about a couple hundred at best. This is an extremely niche area of medicine which requires extensive training and knowledge you won’t get in 4 years of medical school. And there are very few highly-accredited teaching bodies in existence, Regenerative Practices of America – RPA (Regendocs) is one of them.”

Jay Campbell

“Since peptides vary in structure and number, effects vary as well. Peptide therapy has been used to treat age-related conditions, osteoporosis, obesity, inflammatory disease and even neuropathy issues.

These proteins are responsible for the way your body functions. Your weight loss, your sexual competence, and even your digestion processes are partially controlled by these proteins. Peptide therapy helps the body mimic the functions of naturally occurring peptides to emulate certain abilities on targeted areas.”

Joe Cleaver, M.D.

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