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We guide our members in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, focusing on diversified, innovative therapies for positive patient outcomes.

RPA members benefit from over 1,000 hours of available clinical education, exclusive signature protocols, unmatched vendor pricing, and a growing diversity of the latest in medical science across a span of specialty areas. We are here to help you to help your patients.

Not only do we cover multiple condition areas, our portal offers signature protocols which include pre-filled prescription forms to eliminate errors, help with dosing, all consent forms, marketing materials, patient hand-outs, and pricing guidelines; practice marketing tools; confidential forum for physician collaboration; and support and custom protocols for pre and post op, combining modalities for positive patient outcomes.

Masters of Scale

In addition to medical professionals, the RPA team is armed with practice growth experts, web and media experts, marketing experts, and experts leading the advancements in training and education in multiple areas of practice. We are dedicated to the advancement of medical science. We are committed to helping patients not only achieve their goals, but offer solutions to issues they have been struggling to find solutions for. Whether you are an experienced or new practitioner, our membership is for YOU.

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Why Join Us? We help our members grow their practices.

You’ll have 24/7 access to an extensive portfolio of clinical education, patient related solutions, and partnerships to save costs, increase revenue and enhance patient outcomes.

Our members receive discount pricing from recognized industry suppliers, easy access to their education and marketing tools and additional benefits that may include free shipping, free product, and dedicated account teams for faster service and exclusive product launches.

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  • Save up to 50% off on supply/product/Rx orders
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  • On-line learning 24/7
  • Immediate implementation of signature protocols for multiple patient conditions
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24×7 portal access! Our members gain extensive knowledge from leading clinicians and researchers. Our course lessons will allow you to further your knowledge in the emerging field of peptides and regenerative medicine and our supporting tools guide you to immediately implement them.

Our course content is continuously updated and growing in the areas of:

Exclusive Group Pricing Discounts

We understand that running a successful practice is costly. This is why we invest our time to find and partner with only the top suppliers who share our vision of helping you save, simplify, and provide exclusive protocols for your patients. We trust them, and our members do too.

Educate & Collaborate

Our team of educators share their knowledge of leading advancements on therapies, protocols, and guidance so you can immediately integrate them into your practice. The confidential discussion board provides open communication among our members in a secured format, moderated by our medical advisors and vendor clinicians.

Patient Marketing Solved

Easy to customize patient hand-outs, practice posters, consent forms, patient guides and other materials that save you time and money.


“We have VERY few Physicians who Can Competently Prescribe Peptides”

“When you do a head count of all the physicians who are certified and well-trained to safely administer therapeutic peptides, you’re talking about a couple hundred at best. This is an extremely niche area of medicine which requires extensive training and knowledge you won’t get in 4 years of medical school. And there are very few highly-accredited teaching bodies in existence, Regenerative Practices of America – RPA (Regendocs) is one of them.”

Jay Campbell

“Working with RPA has been amazing!  Their knowledge and experience in the Anti Aging space has helped us bridge the gap for our patients to live their best life possible.  Most people want to optimize their health and wellness, but don’t know where to start.  From peptide protocols, HRT, weight loss, energy and much more, Regenerative Practices of America is giving patients and physicians the tools we need to level up.  The window of possibility for excellent health has opened by working with RPA!”

Alan Farina

Meet a few of our educators.

Hair Loss / Hair Restoration

Daniel McGrath, D.O.
He is one of less than 200 hair replacement surgeons around the world to have achieved this level of expertise in hair restoration surgery. He performs only Ultra-refined Follicular Unit Hair Restoration, the accepted “Gold Standard” in natural hair restoration surgery, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the New NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplant System for virtually scarless donor hair extraction and ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy for men and women experiencing hair loss.

Peptide Therapy

Justin Kirkland, Chemist

His most recent U.S. awarded patent was for the improved synthesis of the ergoline, 2-bromo-LSD; useful in treating cluster headaches. Presently, Kirkland holds the Chief Science Officer role for Optimi Health, overseeing the clinical trials using pyslosibin to treat depression. Prior to this role, Kirkland served as CEO of Las Vegas-based Fristoe Pharmaceuticals, an FDA registered wholesale drug distributor, and previously oversaw product development for Wells Pharmacy Network from their base in Florida; he was the lead scientific investigator regarding synthetic peptides at Tailor Made Health in Kentucky, and managed functional food manufacturing at Nuka Foods in Colorado and founded Kilochem’s efforts in Illinois. Since 2007, he founded and operated NutraNeeds dietary supplements and cosmetics program. Kirkland’s career includes being a sought-after speaker and educator for doctors through organizations including, A4M, IPS, and Regenerative Practices of America. In addition, Kirkland is pursuing future drug development research in conjunction with The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry PhD program.