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Aesthetics. Biologics. Peptide Therapy. HRT. BHRT. Sexual Health & Wellness. Anti-Aging. Weight Loss. Strength & Endurance. Diet & Fitness. Our list of education and training grows as fast as our memberships.

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Proprietary MD Developed Protocols for your patients

  • Weight Loss & Obesity

  • Anti-Aging

  • Gut Health

  • Pain, Inflammation & Healing

  • Sexual Health
  • Mood, Sleep & Cognition
  • Aesthetics
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Treating Diabetic Patients
  • Immune Function & Support
  • Working with LGBTQ Patients
  • Natural and Psychedelic Alternatives

Exclusive Network Pricing

  • Vendor Discount Pricing
  • Promotional Specials
  • VIP Teams to support you
  • Quick Processing and Shipping
  • Dedicated Vendor Support Teams
  • Vendor Product Education, Training and Marketing Tools
  • Combined Protocols to enhance positive patient outcomes

Marketing Tools

  • All the tools you need to market to your patients
  • Easily customizable
  • Discount printing
  • Creative marketing that engages your patients
  • Promotional items and Seasonal Campaigns
  • Easy to find, access, customize and print

Private Forum

  • A dedicated team of medical advisors
  • Confidential discussion board accessible 24/7
  • Answers to tough questions and new therapies and procedures
  • Shared resources and best practices

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“Regendocs provides the robust opportunity to introduce, interact, inform and support physicians and medical professionals as they leverage KetoSports in effective and exciting ways.”

India Braddock, Executive

“This partnership is exciting on many levels that will help our doctors learn, save and grow. We have assembled a dedicated VIP team to manage the network and extend exemplary service. The extensive set up and training will help eliminate errors and delays and deliver an overall VIP level of faster service and delivery.”

Kris Fishman, President

“Great seeing all the incredible information, network, and education that you have established with RPA. You should be very proud. I am honored to be a part of the team and look forward to contributing to the success.”

Tony Ezell, President

“SottoPelle® is proud to be a partner with Regenerative Practices to bring the information about pellet therapy to providers for them to enhance patients lives and help their business thrive even more.”

Carolann Tutera, Co-Founder/CEO

“Qualgen is extremely happy to be partnering with Regenerative Practices of America to bring education, knowledge and savings to providers!”

Nikki Good, Director of Sales

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